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Rap and HipHop music have, of course, become big through the use of samples from Funk, Soul & Jazz. As far as we are concerned, the group that was the most creative in this respect and always put some jazz in both their music and rap is Gang Starr. Unfortunately, rapper Guru passed away too soon, but he actually made a couple of solo albums with Jazz musicians. The producer and creative genius behind this duo was DJ Premier. Gang Starr produced a song for the soundtrack of a Spike Lee film entitled Mo’Better Blues. Jazz Thing consists of many Jazz samples and is therefore also an ode to Jazz. In the lyrics, Guru explains how it all came about. Enjoy this show with the originals of the samples.

JazzNotJazz is a series of unique mixtapes made up of 100 years of jazz recordings, with useful and sometimes not so useful facts. It is also about The Soul of Jazz, so detours into related styles are guaranteed. There are irregularly recurring items, such as “The Unplayed Standard”, “Ellington Train Songs”, “Jazz Cameos” and “More is Better”.

Track 01: Gang Starr, Jazz Thing
Track 02: Thelonious Monk Quartet, Light Blue
Track 03: Kool & the Gang, Dujii
Track 04: Louis Armstrong, Mahogany Hall Stomp
Track 05: Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, U.M.M.G.
Track 06: Thelonious Monk, Pannonica-Live
Track 07: Kool & the Gang, Give It Up
Track 08: Charlie Parker, Out Of Nowhere
Track 09: Charles Mingus, Scenes In The City
Track 10: Gang Starr, Jazz Music
Track 11: Charlie Parker, Don’t Blame Me
Track 12: Gang Starr, Jazz Thing

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