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Orient Express

wed 18 may 2022 01:00 

Bali 1928: Gamelan Gong Kebyar. Recordings of Gong Kebyar by gamelan of Belaluan (Denpasar), Pangkung (Tabanan) and Busungbiu (Northwest Bali).

World Arbiter presents historical gamelan recordings made in 1928 as part of a collection of the first and only commercially released recordings of music made in Bali before World War II, the first ever to document pre-war genres. The compositions heard on part 1 are non-traditional, avant-garde experiments that later evolved into familiar forms, new music recorded close to the beginning. After five years of research and fieldwork, Edward Herbst provides analytical notes and a glossary along with 1930s silent films shot in Bali by Rolf de Maré. On the website of Arbiter of Cultural Traditions you can read and see a lot about this Balinese music.
Cd. Bali 1928 ; vol.1 : gamelan gong kebyar. Label: World Arbiter 2011.

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