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Concertzender Live

mon 23 may 2022 14:00 

Compiled by our Classical Music desk.

Ensemble Multifoon does something rather unique by presenting gamelan music in ways you’ve never heard it before.

Many musicians try to mix East and West, but usually the mutual influence is rather superficial and clichéd in nature. Not so with Multifoon. They play Old Music, New Music and whatever else on their drums and metallophones. And they don’t shy away from something like Indian classical music either.

No wonder we at the Concertzender have recorded them more than once. On this programme, you will hear pieces from two concerts.


1. Markies Yi

2. Tapestry

3. Kyrie (De la Rue)

4. Rituelen voor gamelan

5. Moonlit night

6. Min-sur-yu-ko

7. Shiva

8. Ninu Kori

9. Transformaties 09

10. Gunkali

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