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Orient Express

wed 1 jun 2022 01:00 hour
Composer: Hazem Shaheen

The Egyptian ‘ud virtuoso: Hazem Shaheen.

Born in 1978 in Alexandria, Egypt, Hazem Shaheen is one of the best contemporary Ud players in Egypt and the Arab world. In this broadcast, a sample of his instrumental Ud pieces.




1. Hazem Shaheen- Longa “adolescance” 3:29
(album: Hagât wahshâny,  Things that I miss 2010 )
2. Hazem Shaheen- Aysh (Masar 2006) 7:11
3. Hazem Shaheen -The horse of Darwish (Things that I miss 2010 ) 9:25
4. Hazem Shaheen -Problem (Things that I miss 2010) 3:40
5. Taqsim (Improvisations) Rast and “Market dance”.
Live TEDX event 12:24
6 .Hazem Shaheen -Nahawand Improvisation  8:36

7. Hazem Shaheen – Things that I miss (Things that I miss 2010 ) 5:31
8. Hazem Shaheen (ud) , Mohamed Sawwah (trumpet)- Wed (2020) 4:22
9. Hazem Shaheen- Zay El Moga (like the wave)  5:03


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