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Radio Romantica

mon 6 jun 2022 12:00 
Composer: Robert Schumann

Musical Romanticism, explored by Pieter de Oude.

An hour of the most beautiful songs and ballads by Robert Schumann, sung by acclaimed Canadian baritone Gerald Finley, who has performed in our country many times before and will hopefully continue to do so. He is accompanied by his regular pianist, the British Julius Drake. Together, they perform a recital that cuts straight across Schumann’s oeuvre. You will hear the Myrthen, op.25 and the Tragödie, op.25, as well as the famous Die beide Grenadiere, a ludicrous war ballad that also includes the French national anthem. In addition, you can listen to  romantic ballads such as Abends am Strand, and of course we close with the beautiful cycle Dichterliebe.


  1. Die Lotusblume,
  2. Was will die einsame Träne?,
  3. Du bist wie eine Blume
  4. Der arme Peter
  5. Tragödie
  6. Die beiden Grenadiere
  7. Abends am Strand
  8. Die feindlichen Brüder
  9. Dichterliebe


Gerald Finley, baritone / Julius Drake, piano



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