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Chronicle of Dutch Music

thu 9 jun 2022 10:00 

Music by Dutch composers or performers.

Jakob van Domselaer (1890-1960)

Works by Jakob van Domselaer (1890-1960), who, owing to his methodical and extremely consistent style of composing, occupies a unique position among Dutch composers. His pupil Simeon ten Holt continued to apply Van Domselaer’s methodology in his well-known meditative Canto Ostinato compositions. After pianist Kees Wieringa rediscovered Van Domselaer’s music in 1985, it has gained a certain degree of fame. Tonight you will hear his revolutionary piano music.

1. Experiments in Artistic Style, part 1 to 3 (1913/17).

2. Experiments in Artistic Style, part 4 to 6 (1913/17).

3. Experiments in Artistic Style, part 7 to 9 (1913/17).

4. Piano sonata no. 9 (1924).

Kees Wieringa, piano.

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