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mon 13 jun 2022 18:00 hrs

Nordic Sounds. Episode : Angelika Nielsen

She can play classical music just as easily as rock, folk or jazz. This Folkit! Nordic Sounds edition is all about multi-genre violinist Angelika Nielsen.

Hailing from Vestmanna on the Faroe Islands, Nielsen studied in Reykjavik and Copenhagen, and went on to have an interesting career. In the Netherlands, we were introduced to Nielsen halfway through the first decade of this century when she joined the Irish-Scottish-German formation Norland Wind, where she replaced original Riverdance fiddler Maire Breatnach. Nielsen is still part of this formation, but has also made up half of the duo Nordan – with harpist Thomas Lufke from Norland Wind – for some years now.

Nielsen is considered one of the core musicians of the Faroe Islands. She is involved in many projects and formations and has worked with singer-composer Danjal (listen to, among others. Until recently, she was a permanent member of crossover formation Yggdrassil, where she combined traditional music with jazz, rock, pop and experimental music. Kvonn is a five-person formation that focuses more on standard Scandinavian folk music.

Her most recent musical contribution has been to the Svabonio project on Jens Christian Svabo (1746 – 1824). Svoba was the first known violinist of the Faroe Islands. A few years ago, 300 of his melodies were found in a recess in an old house. Through the Svabonio project, some of these melodies were given a new lease of life.


Norland Wind – Live Arsenaaltheater Vlissingen 19-04-2009 

1.      At the races (Triona Ni Dhomhnaill) 3:29

2.      Mile Marbhphaisg (trad) – Mile Reel (Bloding) 4:04

Norland Wind – Storm in a teacup – Laika 3510294.2

3.      Casadh An Tsúgáin (The Twisting Of The Rope) (trad) 4:46

Nordan – North Atlantic Soundscapes – Laika 3510310.2

4.      The Water Tunes IV- Tór Mór (Loefke) 3:43

5.      Døgg og Sproti (Nielsen) 2:43

6.      Leynar Lighthouse (Loefke) 2:53

7.      Svabo’s Minuet No. 30 (trad) 2:24

Svabonio – Lost and Found, a musical journey to 18th century Tórshavn – Tütl FKT071

8.      The Dreamer-English Dance (Jens Christian Svabo) 1:53

Yggdrassil – Porkerisvatn –  Tütl HJF355

9.      Skýggj (Kristian Blak) 3:20

Yggdrassil – Askur – Tutl HJF133

10.  Arnhild Og Eystein (Nu Er Hann Min) (Willy R Kastborg-K Blak) 3:27

Yggdrassil – Travelling – Tutl HJF222

11.  Horse (Kristian Blak) 3:13

Yggdrassil – Risastova – Tutl HJF111

12.  Vágatunnilin-Gigue (Kristian Blak) 2:30

Kvonn – Hvonn – Tütl SHD 77

13.  Angelika’s Jig & Angelika’s Reel (Ivar Baerentsen) 3:31

14.  Da Fiddler’s O’er Fu’ & Da Trowie Spring (Nigel Hallett) 2:25

15.  Qajaq (Kristian Blak) 4:14

Kvonn – Einglarot – Tütl SHD177

16.  Fagnaður Til Svabo (Nielsen) 3:06

17.  Her Er Gott At Dansa (Nielsen) 2:17

Norðan– North Atlantic Soundscapes – Laika 3510310.2

18.  Tjørnarøkur (Nielsen) 2:46



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