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Groove & Grease

fri 24 jun 2022 17:00 

Soul Jazz from the fifties

Today, a portrait of the left-handed, quirky and underappreciated guitarist BILL JENNINGS, also called one of the architects of soul jazz. You will be listening to Jennings with, among others, Willis Jackson, Brother Jack McDuff and Wild Bill Davis.

Piccadilly Circus (Billy In The Lion’s Den, King 1956)
Stuffy (Billy In The Lion’s Den, King 1956)
Brother Jack McDuff, Mr. Wonderful (Brother Jack, Prestige 1959)
Wild Bill Davis, Round About Midnight (Flying High, Everest 1959)
Tough Gain (Enough Said, Prestige 1960)
Enough Said (Enough Said, Prestige 1960)
Dark Eyes (Enough Said, Prestige 1960)
Fiddlin’ (Glide On, Prestige 1961)
Azure-Te (Glide On, Prestige 1961)
Willis Jackson, 633 Knock (Please Mr. Jackson, Prestige 1959)
Willis Jackson, Back And Forth (Thunderbird, Prestige 1962)
Willis Jackson, Star Bag (Star Bag, Prestige 1968)


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