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Stubborn Student

mon 11 jul 2022 12:00 

The bumpy relationship between Beethoven and Haydn.

On episode XIX of Stubborn Student, we take a closer look at ‘composers who stand on each other’s shoulders’. And by this we mean composers who copy each other’s innovative tricks. For instance, in one of his string quintets, Mozart suddenly had the slow introduction to the opening movement repeat itself a second time. This was grist to Haydn’s mill; he immediately applied the same principle in one of his London symphonies. And Beethoven, in turn, made use of it in his ‘Pathétique’ sonata and a piano trio.


Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano sonata no. 8 in C minor op. 13 ‘Pathétique’

Richard Goode, piano


Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano trio in E-flat major op. 70 no. 2

The Florestan Trio


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