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Contemporary Music

mon 11 jul 2022 03:00 

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers: André Parfenov.

Today’s episode of Contemporary Music focuses on German-Russian composer André Parfenov, on the occasion of his completion of unfinished works left by Tchaikovsky. In 1887, Tchaikovsky spent six weeks in the German city of Aachen, where he orchestrated his Mozartiana. He also left 16 bars of music in his diary. Parfenov completed this so-called Aachener Walzer. We will hear this waltz and some other recent compositions by Parfenov.



CD Aachener Walzer – André Parfenov-  Naxos 8.551457

1.     Aachener Walzer

2.     Tango WS from Werner Sahm Suite

3.     Violin Concerto

4.     Piloten-tango from Überlingen 23:26

5.     Orchestra suite Kasimir Malevitsj


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