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Concertzender Live

mon 11 jul 2022 14:00 
Composers: Bob Marley | Eric Vloeimans

After North Sea Jazz moved from The Hague to Rotterdam, a smaller festival remained in the Hofstad for a few years: PureJazz.

This festival did not do well financially, but artistically it was definitely a success. The programmers managed to put together an adventurous line-up. The music that was played was often not ‘pure’ jazz at all, but excelled in crossovers.

At the 2008 edition, which we attended, a lot of world music was played. We heard a set by Orange Grove, a real reggae band from The Hague with roots throughout the Caribbean. And Orchestra Baobab, the Senegalese answer to the Buena Vista Social Club. But also the ‘white’, Dutch improvisation is featured, with Cosmic Scene, where jazz runs are encapsulated in an alienating environment of electronically shaped sounds. And with Eric Vloeimans, the trumpeter who needs no further introduction. Something for everyone? At least for a lot of people!


1. Orange Grove – Intro – Roots – Tokin
2. Orange Grove -So afraid
3. Orange Grove -Patience
4. Orange Grove -Excuses
5. Orange Grove -Santeria
6. Orange Grove -Bob Marley Medley
7. Orchestra Baobab – Sutukun
8. Orchestra Baobab – Dee moo woor
9. Orchestra Baobab – Colette
10. Orchestra Baobab – Gnaoue
11. Michael Varekamp & Cosmic Scene – Improvisation #1
12. Eric Vloeimans & Gatecrash – Floratone
13. Eric Vloeimans & Gatecrash – Launine
14. Eric Vloeimans & Gatecrash – Mr. Seldjuk

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