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Missa etcetera

tue 19 jul 2022 12:00 
Composers: Anoniem | Thomas Ashewell

Western religious music from different centuries.

During the upcoming Early Music Festival Utrecht, the Huelgas Ensemble, conducted by Paul Van Nevel, will make an appearance. The first concert features English polyphony from the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance. This broadcast includes the Missa Ave Maria by Thomas Ashwell, which will also be performed at the festival.

Many of the compositions from that time have been passed down anonymously. In some respects, the repertoire has its own character, which differs from what was usual in Medieval Europe. One such characteristic is the frequent use of the sixth, a consonant that was considered dissonant at the time.

More information on the two concerts by the Huelgas Ensemble at the Early Musical Festival 2022 can be found here.

Anonymous (England, 14th century)
1. Victime paschali laudes
2. Absalon, fili mi/Doleo super te
3. Stella maris illustrans omnia
4. Virgo salvavit hominem
5. Dou way Robin/Veni mater gracie
6. Sumer is icumen in
Huelgas Ensemble led by Paul Van Nevel
(CD: “En Albion – Medieval Polyphony in England, 1300-1400” – Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 88985455212, 2021)

Thomas Ashwell (ca. 1478-na 1513)
7. Missa Ave Maria a 6
Huelgas Ensemble led by Paul Van Nevel
(CD: “La Quita essentia” – Harmonia Mundi HMC 901922, 2007)

8. Ther is no rose of swych vertu
Paula Chateauneuf, lute
(CD: “Gabriel’s Greeting” – Hyperion CDA66685, 1993)

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