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Concertzender Live

mon 25 jul 2022 14:00 
Composer: Johannes Brahms

We at Concertzender like to record exceptional music: old music, new music, world music and, of course, jazz. But we won’t forget the standard classical repertoire, either.

In addition to the concerts featuring exceptional music from all corners of the music world, we also have stacks of recordings featuring the hallowed repertoire of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The music pieces that aficionados are familiar with and that appear, time and time again, in the concert halls and on CD.

It would hardly be fair if, in addition to all the modern sound experiments, Sufi music and Gregorian antiphons, we did not occasionally draw attention to concerts of this kind. And it’s not a tedious task to do so. The great composers have created true masterpieces, and you can’t hear them often enough! That’s why we will spend this afternoon listening to Brahms, with a focus on chamber music, which he truly excelled at. However, we will also pay attention to his songs. As composer of songs, Brahms still languishes in the shadow of Schubert and Schumann. But his lyrical qualities are certainly not to blame!



1. Horn trio, opus 40

2. Piano quintet, opus 34

3. String quartet no. 2, opus 51/2

4. “Gestillte Sehnsucht”, opus 91/1

5. “Geistliches Wiegenlied”, opus 91/2

All works by Johannes Brahms.


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