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tue 2 aug 2022 00:00 

Just before the corona crisis erupted in early 2020, our opinion was once again confirmed in the Concertgebouw:

Wynton Marsalis is (A) at his best live, (B) even better with a bigger line-up and (C) excels in playing the “Ellington oeuvre”. Therefore, tonight a non-stop playlist with pieces by Ellington c.s. As much as possible live, and as much as possible with a larger line-up!

JazzNotJazz is a show where out of 100 years of Jazz-recordings, a unique mixtape is compiled with useful and sometimes not so useful facts. It’s also about The Soul of Jazz, so some excursions to related styles are certainly made. There are irregularly recurring sections, such as “The Unplayed Standard”, “Ellington Train Songs”, “Jazz Cameos” and “More is Better”.

Track 01: Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Boy Meets Horn
Track 02: LCJO, Sugar Hill Penthouse
Track 03: Wynton Marsalis, Caravan
Track 04: LCJO, Braggin’ In Brass
Track 05: Wynton Marsalis, Rubber Bottom
Track 06: Wynton Marsalis, Midnight In Paris
Track 07: Wynton Marsalis, Play The Blues And Go
Track 08: LCJO, Chinoiserie
Track 09: LCJO, Sunset And The Mockingbird
Track 10: LCJO, Happy Go Lucky Local

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