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mon 8 aug 2022 03:00 

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers: Mary Finsterer.

During the last Holland Festival, Mary Finsterer’s new work Antarctica premiered. Australian-born Finsterer is a regular visitor to the Netherlands and an album of her latest compositions, in which she combines modern and medieval themes, was recently released.



1.     Finsterer: Lumen Prime Aurore / Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Benjamin Northey

2.     Finsterer: Julian Suite III: Angelus / Ensemble Liaison

3.     Finsterer: Silva / Claire Edwardes with Ensemble Offspring

4.     Finsterer: Ignis / James Wannan, Christopher Pidcock

5.     Finsterer: Falling / Paul Grabowsky, Gabriella

Album Pendulum – ABC Classics ABCL0010D

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