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L’Esprit Baroque

fri 12 aug 2022 06:00 
Composer: Gottfried Finger

Moravian composer Gottfried Finger.

Gottfried Finger (approx. 1660-1730)
1 Chaconne a 4 in G major
2 Sonata 9 in G minor
3 Chaconna a 5 in G major
The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen led by Robert Rawson
(album: Gottfried Finger – Music for European Courts and Concerts. Ramée RAM 1802, 2019)

From: Sonatae pro diversis instrumentis, opus 1
4 Sonata no 1 in D minor
5 Sonata no 2 in F major
Ensemble Echo du Danube led by Christian Zincke, viola da gamba
(album: Gottfried Finger – Sonatae pro diversis instrumentis op. 1. Accent ACC 24264, 2011)

6 Viola da gamba sonata no 1 in D major
7 Divisions in G minor
Ensemble Tourbillon led by Petr Wagner, viola da gamba
(album: Gottfried Finger – The complete music for viola da gamba solo. Accent ACC 24267, 2012)

8 Suite for oboe band in F major
– I Ouverture
– II Menuet
– III Rigaudon
– IV Air
– V Trompette
– VI Courante
– Passepied
– VII Intrada
– VIII Bourrée
– IX Passacaille
La Petite Écurie
(album: The Queen’s Favourites – Music for oboe band at the court of Anne Stuart. Arcana A527, 2022)

9 From: Suite for recorder in D minor
– II A Farewell
– IV A Ground

From: Airs Anglois book 2
10 A Ground in D minor
La Rêveuse olv Florence Bolton & Benjamin Perrot
(album: London circa 1700 – Purcell & His Generation. Mirare MIR 368, 2019)

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