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The Last Century

thu 25 aug 2022 12:00 

Music by 20th-century composers: Valentyn Silvestrov.

On today’s episode of The Last Century, we are once again focusing on Ukrainian composer Valentyn Silvestrov, of whom we previously heard a number of works in the edition of 18 May. Today’s central piece is Silvestrov’s 6th symphony, a composition from 1995. With this symphony, he created a highly charged and gripping piece of music that, even though it lacks real melodies, rhythm and structure, remains captivating for the full 54 minutes and does not let the listener go.


1. Valentyn Silvestrov; Symphony no.6; part 1-5; SWR Symfonie Orchester Stuttgart, led by Andrey Boreyko.

2. Valentyn Silvestrov; Elegy for string orchestra; MΓΌnchener KammerOrchester led by Christoph Poppen.