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Acoustic Roots

mon 29 aug 2022 18:00 

Acoustic Roots goes Batavierhuis. In the coming period, we will be guests at the Batavierhuis in Rotterdam. On this episode: Alexandra Alden.

Our Utrecht venue, Podium Oost, is temporarily closing due to extensive renovation. In our search for an alternative location, we ended at the Batavierhuis in Rotterdam, a creative breeding ground for talent. Although the focus is on music, there is room for other art forms, too.

Our first guest in this series of ‘Acoustic Roots goes Batavierhuis’ is singer-songwriter Alexandra Alden. She came to the Netherlands seven years ago, at the age of 18, to study Jazz music at CODARTS University for the Arts in Rotterdam. She learned to play the guitar and started writing her own songs. Alden has a very busy schedule. In her home country of Malta, she is a celebrity. She scored a hit song in Malta when she was 16, and a few years ago, she was a judge on the Maltese version of X Factor. She is currently touring Europe and will soon head to the US to perform at a festival. In the meantime, she is working on a new album that is to be released in the spring of 2023. Fortunately, she could take a little breather on this episode of Acoustic Roots.

During her performance, we were enchanted by her beautiful voice and her delicate songs. Beauty redefined.

Read more about Alexandra Alden and about the Batavierhuis here.

1. Pilgrim
2. Ladybird
3. What can we do
4. Helium
5. Muscle & blood
6. Not for me to say
7. Vagabond
8. Fool
9. Darling
10. Wild honey and thyme



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