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Chronicle of Dutch Music

thu 1 sep 2022 10:00 

Music by Dutch composers or performers: Emile Enthoven (1903-1950) [featured image] & Jacques Goudappel (1911-1995).

On this edition of Chronicle of Dutch Music, we feature two exceptionally talented but forgotten composers. Firstly, Emile Enthoven: you will hear his orchestral suite Ignaton. This piece of music was performed during the university festivities in Utrecht in 1926 as well as during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. The music composed by Jacques Goudappel was discovered by lucky coincidence in an old attic. Tonight you will hear a number of his intimate and accessible works for small ensemble.

Tonight take their rightful place in the spotlight once more.



1. Emile Enthoven. Ichnaton Suite (1926).
Performers unknown.

2. Jacques Goudappel. Elegy for flute and piano (1955).
Eleonore Pameijer, flute. Marcel Worms, piano.

3. Jacques Goudappel.
a. Sonatine for piano (1948), b. Suite for piano (1949/50).
Marcel Worms, piano.

4. Jacques Goudappel. Sonata for violin and piano (1953).
Ursula Schoch, violin. Marcel Worms, piano.

5. Jacques Goudappel. Trio for violin, viola and cello (1953).
Quimias Trio.

6. Jacques Goudappel. Trio for trumpet, trombone and hoorn (1969).
Ad Ros, trumpet. Harry Dieterman, trombone. Peter Hoekmeijer, horn.


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