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Stubborn Student

mon 12 sep 2022 12:00 

The bumpy relationship between Beethoven and Haydn.

On the previous episode of ‘Stubborn Student’, we heard the mass that the inexperienced Beethoven wrote with fear in his heart because he was worried about the comparison with Haydn. And he had a point – Hayden’s late Masses are impressive. That is especially true of his passionate Nelson Mass. When we look for for common ground between Haydn and Beethoven, we naturally turn to the string quartet, the genre in which Haydn was a shining example for Beethoven.




Joseph Haydn: Missa in angustiis H XXII: 11 ‘Nelsonmesse’

led by John Eliot Gardiner


Ludwig van Beethoven: finale from string quartet in B-flat major op. 18 no. 6

Belcea Quartet


Joseph Haydn: finale from String quartet in C majot op 54 no. 2

Dudok Quartet

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