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Wandering around Jewish music

fri 21 oct 2022 05:00 hrs

Composition Theo van Tol, accordionist AKB.
Program in the context of the 25th anniversary of the
Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Theo van Tol.

Accordionist with the Amsterdam Klezmer Band, since 2001.

As a child, Theo was inspired by his father who was an amateur accordionist, and (probably because of this) later chose to study accordion at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He then expanded his accordion studies to include composition and conducting.

Videos: Theo van Tol Loose  Ends & Theo van Tol AKB Paradiso Sept-2022

P l a y l i s t :
* Limonchiki – Amsterdam Klezmer Band.
* Conservatorium – Theo van Tol.
* Opname 1960 – Boris Karlov.
* Jo Jon – Orkest Prelaz.
* Orkest Andrei Serban.
* Ensemble Pirvu.
* Salomon Klezmorim.
* Dremlen Feygl  – The Art of the Trio.
* Tsigayner klezmer – Rolinha Kross Trio.
* Bloco Do Dominguinhos – Fuzué.
* Pure Pepper – Amsterdam Klezmer Band.
* Pure Pepper – Theo van Tol.
* Moidodyr – Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

Production: Cobie Ivens.
Technician: Raph van der Driesschen.
Photo Theo van Tol: Cees van de Ven.
Photo AKB: Tessa Posthuma de Boer.

Produced & presented by:
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