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sun 23 oct 2022 03:00 hrs
Composer: Joey Roukens

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers.

Joey Roukens is this year’s festival composer at the November Music Festival, which takes place from November 3rd to 13th in Den Bosch. At the invitation of November Music, Roukens has written a Requiem that will be heard for the first time on the 4th of November. To get warmed up a little for that Requiem, today we present three earlier works by Roukens.


  1. Joey Roukens: Patterns and Pulses; Ensemble Multiphone and Aurelia Saxophone Quartet
  2. Joey Roukens: Earnest & Game; Rubens Quartet
  3. Joey Roukens: Boundless; Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Alan Gilbert
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