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Northern Lights

wed 16 nov 2022 12:00 

Northern Lights #45: Scandinavian and Baltic music.

In Northern Lights, an hour-long exclusive focus on Scandinavian and Baltic music every fortnight. Our quest has no bounds, surrounded by old and new, known and less known. And the whole spectrum of classical music and crossovers is something that we also like to include. Today, Latvian work by all young composers, including Alisson Kruusma and Rasmus Puur.



Alisson Kruusmaa.’Justkui jogi oleks laulnud’ or ‘as if the rivers sang’ Parnű Stadorkest conducted by Kaspar Mänd with Johan Randvere (piano)

Rasmus Puur( photo ) Concerto for violin and orchestra. Parnű Stadorest conducted by Kaspar Mänd with Linda-Anette Verte (violin).

Maria Kõrvits. Betoon (concrete). Parnű Stadorkest conducted by Kaspar Mänd

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