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Thou singest ye carol

mon 21 nov 2022 10:00 

Régine Wieniawski, Irène Wieniawska, Irene Regina Wieniawski or Wieniawska, Lady Dean Paul, Lady Irene Dean Paul, Lady Irene Poldowski Paul, (Madame) Poldowski, Poldowsky or Poldowska.

(16 May 1879 – 28 January 1932)

Poldowski (Brussels, 1879 – London,1932) was one of the most imaginative and sophisticated composers of her time. Her settings of poems perfectly reflect the words in music. Equally impressive are her chamber music and adventurous orchestral works. Poldowski started composing early and published her first mélodies (songs) in 1890 with a Belgian publisher. Some six years later, she moved to London, where she soon created a furore as a pianist and composer. Régine Wieniawski published her first compositions as Irène Wieniawska. After marrying Briton Sir Aubrey Dean Paul in 1901, she called herself Lady Dean Paul, among others. She eventually chose the short but powerful Poldowski. She gave concerts all over Europe and the US and generally led a glamorous life, running an haute-couture boutique and her musical career that included the British royal family as clients. But the early death of her first son was a traumatic event for her. It is mainly her songs on lyrics by Paul Verlaine that rightly keep her famous.




Irene Wieniaswska- 1. ‘Down by the Sally Gardens (W.B. Yeats)’ 2. ‘O! Let the solid Ground not fail beneath my feet (Lord Tennyson), Soprano Angelique Zuluaga and pianist Gwendolyn Mok.
Poldowski – a. ‘Soir’ (Albert Samain) b. ‘Berceuse d’Armorique’ (text from Armorica, now Brittany)
Soprano Angelique Zuluaga, Gwendolyn Mok -piano and Ryan Zwahlen – oboe d’amore.
Poldowski – a. ‘Reeds of Innocence’ (William Blake) b. ‘To Love’ (anonymous) Soprano Jodie Devos and pianist Nicolas Krüger.
Poldowski – a. ‘Effet de neige’ b. ‘Spleen’ c. ‘A poor young shepherd (j’ai peur d’un baiser) d. ‘Dansons la gigue’ Soprano Angelique Zuluaga and Gwendolyn Mok -piano.


Poldowski – a. Song (My silk, and fine array) (William Blake) b. ‘Narcisse’ (Poldowski) c. ‘Sérénade’ (Adolphe Retté) d. ‘Danse une musette'(Marie Classette).
Soprano Angelique Zuluaga and Gwendolyn Mok -piano, Alexander String Quartet (b)
Poldowski – a. ‘Bruxelles'(Verlaine) b. ‘À clymène’ (Verlaine) c. ‘Dimanche d’Avril’ (Verlaine) d. ‘Mandoline’ (Verlaine) e. ‘Cythère’ (Verlaine) f. ‘Cortège’ (Verlaine)
Soprano Angelique Zuluaga and Gwendolyn Mok -piano


Henryk Wieniawski (1835 – 1880

Poldowski (1879-1932)

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