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The Jazz Delta

fri 2 dec 2022 18:00 hrs

Dutch jazz and more. Singer Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist Marc van Vugt dive into the contemporary Dutch jazz delta.

This second episode has as its common thread big Dutch jazz ensembles. These exist in all kinds of line-ups, from the traditional big band to big bands with strings, ensembles with very extensive percussion or that use electronics. Notable is the number of ensembles that are inspired by South American or Spanish music.

1. Freeze. Composition by Paul van Kemenade, Arrangement J. McNeely
Performers: Paul van Kemenade and the Metropole Orchestra.
From the 2001 album Freeze
2. La Leyenda del tiempo. Composition Niko Langehuijsen/Lorca
Performers: Caoutchouc.
From the 1993 album Caoutchouc plays Garcia Lorca
3. Zootsuit 1 & II. Composition Corrie van Binsbergen.
Performers: Corrie and the Great Brokken. From the 2011 album Vier!
4. Sweat Zurzday. Composition Ellington/Strayhorn. Arrangement Joost Buis. Performers: Joost Buijs and Astronotes. From the 2004 album Astronotes
5. Bunker. Composition Martin Fondse. Performers: Starvinsky Orkestar.
From the 2009 album Fragrant Moondrops.
6. Reposadamente. Composer Michiel Braam. Performers: Son Bent Braam.
From the 2020 album El XYZ de Son Brent Braam
7. A tu vera. Composition Bernard van Rossum. Performers:
BvR Flamenco Big Band. From the album Del rio a la mar 2022
8. Sauer Crowd. Composition Yoràn Vroom. Performers: Yoràn Vroom.
From the 2021 album Across a Spectrum
9. Different Shades of Grey. Composition Marc van Vugt.
Performers: Big Bizar Habit. From the album The Van Doesburg Suite 2005.

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