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mon 26 dec 2022 03:00 

Keys to serious composers.

In the 1950s, electronic music became the rage among modern composers. With laborious work in costly studios, sounds were created that no one had ever heard. Twenty or thirty years later, such sounds became commonplace with the invention of keyboards and synthesisers. Typical instruments for pop music – but some serious composers also used them.


Philip Glass. From: Einstein on the Beach, Act 1, scene 1 (Train).
Philip Glass Ensemble conducted by Michael Riesman.
Wendy Carlos (pictured). Beauty in the Beast by Wendy Carlos.
Karlheinz Stockhausen. Sonntags-Abschied.
Marc Maes, Frank Gutschmidt, Fabrizio Rosso, Benjamin Kobler, Antonio Pérez Abellán (synthesiser); Karlheinz Stockhausen (conductor).

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