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The Night: World Music

sat 9 sep 2023 01:00 

Latin American music from the 70s & 80s : Nicaragua Presente! | Colombia, Discos Fuentes | Peru, Pedro Rojas | Chile, Victor Jara | Argentina, Raúl Barboza | Brazil, Djavan.

Nicaragua Presente!
Music From Nicaragua Libre. The music in this production brings together part of the immense work of the best Nicaraguan authors, an important phase in the history of Nicaragua.
The joy in the singers’ voices evokes memories of the triumphant 80s era.
CD. Nicaragua Presente! Music From Nicaragua Libre.
LABEL: Rounder Records (1989), code: CD 11564. Video

2- Discos Fuentes.
This collection of songs delves into the golden years of 1960-76 and is hand-picked from Fuentes records’ huge record catalog of various tropical musical styles. Cumbia, Gaita, Fandango, Salsa and Champeta all feature in the selection from one of the world’s best Latin American music archives. Since 1934, Fuentes Records has served as the largest record label in Colombia, a country where it is impossible to escape the music.
CD. The golden age of Discos Fuentes 1960-76.
LABEL: Soundway SNWCD008. Video

3- Rojas.
An album released in the Netherlands with ‘Latin pop’ by Pedro Rojas. Almost every song is supported by a large orchestra and choir, making it easy for the listener to feel the connection the Incas had with ‘Mother Earth’ thousands of years ago. The four important elements of the Incas: earth, water, air and fire, are beautifully represented in music by Pedro Rojas.
CD. Pacha mama – mother earth – Pedro Rojas.
LABEL: Koch (1998), code: TTC 21332. Video

4- Víctor Jara.
He was one of the pioneers of the nueva canción genre of politically charged songs. Victor Jara’s interest in folk music was sparked in 1957 when he met Violeta Parra, one of the founders of the nueva canción movement. In 1970, Victor Jara supported presidential candidate Salvador Allende and Venceremos (We will win) composed the theme song of Allende’s Popular Unity movement. After the election, Jara continued to speak in support of Allende and was instrumental in the new government’s efforts to reorient Chilean culture. In 1973, Allende was overthrown by Augusto Pinochet’s military gunta. Victor Jara was shot dead shortly afterwards in Santiago’s Estado Chile.
CD. Vientos del pueblo – Victor Jara.
LABEL: Monitor (1995), code: MCD 61778. Video

5- Raúl Barboza & Horacio Castillo.
The Argentine accordionist Raúl Barboza offers on his album Invierno en París a repertoire that he recorded in duet with the late guitarist Horacio Castillo in the French capital, where he lives. The album begins and ends with two different versions of the song that gives the album its title, the first more melancholy, inspired by the harsh winters of Europe, and the second more cheerful, with more color, says the artist who brought chamamé music to France exported musical folklore from Corrientes, the Argentine province of his parents. The album Invierno en París (Wintering in Paris) was recorded in one day, thanks to the musical understanding between Barboza and Castillo.
CD. Invierno en Paris – Raúl Barboza, Horacio Castillo.
LABEL: Zig-Zag Territoires (2009), code: ZZT 091002. Video

6- Djavan.
He was born in Maceió Brazil as the son of an Afro-Brazilian mother and a Dutch-Brazilian father. He is a singer, composer, musician and combines traditional South American rhythms with popular music from America, Europe and Africa. In 1973 he moved to Rio de Janeiro and sang in various nightclubs there. After participating in various music festivals, his first album A Voze and the hits Flor de Lis & Samurai were released in 1976. The album you will listen to: Ao Vivo was recorded live, sold 1.2 million copies and the song Acelerou was chosen as the best Brazilian song at the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards.
CD. Ao vivo ; vol.1 & vol.2 – Djavan.
LABEL: Epic Records (1999), code: 2-492473. Video

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