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Duke Ellington

wed 22 may 2024 18:00 hrs
Composer: Duke Ellington

Conductor, composer and pianist Duke Ellington (1899-1974); please enjoy some of programme maker Louis Tavecchio’s favourite recordings, following on from the previous episode.

1.Bundle Of Blues (1933)

2.Troubled Waters (1934)

3.Sidewalks Of New York (1940)

4.Happy-Go-Lucky Local (1946)

5.Reflections In D (1953)

6.Where’s The Music (1956)

7.Arabesque Cookie (Arabian Dance) (1960)

8.Black Beauty (1960)

9.Schwifti (1963)

10.Lay-By (1963)

11.Banquet Scene (1963)

12.Black Butterfly (1969)

13.Portrait Of Mahalia Jackson (1970)

14.Fourth Movement (duet met Ray Brown, 1972)


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