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Acoustic Roots

sat 26 dec 2015 22:00 

Review of broadcasts of 2015 and preview of concerts of 2016, part 2.

This programme is the follow up of Acoustic Roots, 18 December from 20:00 – 21:00 (part 1). The producers continue their review of a successful year where once again they had received many pleasant guests. In part 2 we will listen to Ceumar, trio Snijders/Os/Lotz, Simone Bottasso and Steven Kamperman and Valentin Clastrier.
Snijders Os Lotz.jpg
Trio Snijders/Os/Lotz
Most concerts took place in the ancient 16th century chapel the Pieternel of the Pieterskerk in Utrecht, but there were also excursions to the Winkel  van Sinkel for a performance and a conversation with Daisy Correia, and to theatre De Kargadoor where we had company of the Irish band The Young Folks, followed by the Snijders/Os/Lotz trio.
Simone Bottasso.jpg
Simone Bottasso
For a review on Acoustic Roots of 2015 producers Karin, Carolien, and Hans come together to play their own personal favourite tracks and highlights.
Valentin Clastrier en Steven Kamperman.jpg
Steven Kamperman and Valentin Clastier
To give you a taste of the coming programmes in 2016 we will play Anass Habib (AR January), Babak-o-doestan (AR February) and Regis Coisne (AR March).