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fri 19 feb 2016 21:00 hour

Ensemble Babak-o-Doestan is received in the Pieternel van de Pieters Church in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Babak-o-Doestan is an ensemble led by Babak Amiri and their home base is Amsterdam. The musicians are from three different continents and their music forms a natural bond between East and West.
They bring an exotic mix of jazz, fado, Turkish, Balkan and Iranian music styles.
Babak-o-Doestan is:
– Babak Amiri: guitar, vocals
– Bam Commijs: piano
– Minze Koopman: cajón
– Murat Yatmaz: bass guitar
– Heather Leslie: cello
Singer/guitarist/daf player Babak Amiri sings poetic lyrics in Persian and composes the music, which the musicians in the band supplement with their arrangement and solos.
Cajón player Minze Koopman has been playing in the rock/pop/country circuit of the Netherlands for years.
Bam Commijs (pianist) joined the group and brought influences from jazz, chansons and the world of theatre with him. 
Murat Yatmaz is a young jazz bassist from Ankara who studies at  the Conservatory of Amsterdam as graduate.
Cello player Heather Leslie plays a magical 100-yeaer-old gypsy cello. This cello suits her very well because she mainly gained her knowledge of music by playing with gypsies.

  1. Khamoosh
  2. This too shall past
  3. Van houden van
  4. Things in life
  5. Oostenwind
  6. Colour of darkness
  7. Behind the mountains
  8. Mijn hart zoekt

For more information, see their Website
and their Video

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