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sat 25 jan 2014 03:00 

First guest of 2014: Parne Gadje.

Gypsy ensemble Parne Gadje sets the ball rolling in 2014, in the programme Acoustic Roots.
Parne Gadje is a five-man group that makes modernizing, swinging music, full of surprising improvisations. They make use of exciting music instruments such as the magical Armenian duduk and self-built stringed instruments like the bike tyre bass.
Parne Gadje 2.jpg Parne Gadje recently released their new CD: Po Drom, which means ‘underway’.
On this CD, Parne Gadje takes us on a breathtaking journey around the Black Sea. Their music comes from Afghanistan, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary and Anatolia, and has tense rhythm and transcendent grooves and eastern scales and can sometimes sound like Bosporus blues.
Listening to the grooving strings on bike tyre bass, the charming melodies on bagpipes and velophone and the raw cries from the heart produced by lead singer Marc Constandse; for a moment we forget the winter.
Parne Gadje consists of:
Marc Constandse – bandoneon, vocals & percussion
Gerwil Kusters – clarinet & saxophone
Michiel Hollanders – guitar, velophone & various stringed instruments
Dan Tuffy – bike tyre bass, different guitars
Michiel Bakkes-de Vries – tapan & percussion