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Acoustic Moods

fri 31 jan 2020 21:00 

Whenever one of the months has a fifth Friday, Ton Maas will be joining in with Acoustic Moods. In his programme, he always receives guests from the music scene with whom he talks about their favourite music. In today’s episode Sjahin During welcomes us at his home.

Initially, percussionist Sjahin During found his musical way in life on Cuba where he, more or less, ended up by accident. His first band Bayouba Canta immediately broke through at international level, but the real success followed many years later when he decided to focus on his own musical roots. Because of his origins – a Turkish mother – these roots mainly lie in the East. He formed, in succesion, the bands Turqumstance, Tarhana and Arifa, in which he and his loyal music friends Franz von Chossy and Alex Simu were the constant factors. A few years ago, During made a surprising excursion to southern Africa as he and singer Shishani entered a unique musical cooperation with four women of the San bushmen, who live in the Kalahari desert in Namibia.

In this episode Ton Maas will be talking with Sjahin about his exceptional, musical life story

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