Acoustic Moods

fri 30 oct 2020 21:00 

Acoustic Moods is always on the 5th Friday of the month, and this occurs only 4 times a year!

Normally, this programme is hosted by Ton Maas, but because of the coronavirus restrictions, everything is different and our regular episodes have been on hold for quite some time.

Because we like to make an Acoustic Moods with sensible content, we have virtually visited our musical friends to see to which initiatives we could give our support in these difficult times. At the moment, most musicians have few or no performances, and are at their wit’s end. Some are forced to operate only on a vary small scale.

But Mark Alban Lotz stands out. He has always been a hyperactive musician, and also in these coronavirus times he seems to go full steam ahead.

Picture: Mark Alban Lotz

He has programmed a series of special concerts in Museum Speelklok in Utrecht entitled: Mark My Wor(l)ds.
On 4 Saturday evenings in November, there will be concerts, every time in a different world music setting and with musicians of whom some have already been guests in Acoustic Roots before (just like Mark himself of course). Only last year, we made the series ‘Lotz of Music’ (in four episodes) together with him.

So we visited Mark at his home to hear how he is doing in these uncertain times, and to hear everything on Mark My Wor(l)ds. There, we met the Danish percussionist Martin Maretti Andersen, couch surfing at Mark’s as he was passing through. How hard has the music world in Denmark been hit?


Check for information on Mark My Wor(d)s here , see website of Mark Alban Lotz

1. Wondering Mind – Sergey Kolosov
2. Lully, Lulla – Nicole Jordan & Udo Demandt
3. Alal – Mark Alban Lotz & A Fula’s Call
4. Lamin Kuyateh, Moussé Pathé Mbaye, Ibu Sylla (Acoustic Roots)
5. Ol’ Bosperus – Kâmil Erdem Quartet
6. Furat – Nizar Rohana & Modar Salama (Acoustic Roots)
7. El Grand Sid – Mat Cats & David Kikoski (Percussion: Martin Maretti Andersen)
8. Bossa De La Nuit – Mark Alban Lotz
9. Mandala Tribe (fragment)
10. Vitthala -Shashwathi Jagadish & Heiko Dijker

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