Acoustic Roots

fri 20 dec 2019 21:00 

Dreamy Music by Robin Kester and Mark Lohmann.
Presented by: Karin van den Boogaert.

This episode of Acoustic Roots was recorded and released in August 2019, however, unfortunately we experienced some technical issues during the broadcast. Now that the weather is much colder, warm yourself up with the magical and warm sounds brought to you by Robin Kester and Mark Lohman.

Robin Kester first visited the Concertzender studio to play a few songs, when we did a live recording from de Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht during the last edition of Utrecht Centraal in 2018. Since then she’s been on the list to also make an appearance on Acoustic Roots. And she brought one of her good friends: Mark Lohmann (aka Moon Moon Moon). Her keyboardist had gotten sick at the last moment and so she decided to bring Mark.

The result was a special recording of two musicians with two very different styles. Combine the two however and the result is a kind of magic. Complementary, contrasting and breath-taking. An hour long pure enjoyment with as finishing touch a song they wrote and performed together, Endless Tuesday.

Robin has been pretty busy the last few months. She was one of the artists chosen by OOR for the Popround 2019 and has since then toured the whole country:

Mark Lohmann has not been idle either. He just released a new song:

Check here showcases by Robin Kester and Mark Lohmann and other work.


  1. The Dirt, Robin Kester
  2. Clouds, Robin Kester
  3. Win, Mark Lohmann
  4. OMG, Mark Lohmann
  5. Cigarette Song, Robin Kester
  6. Lost for a Day, Robin Kester
  7. Kattenbak, Mark Lohmann
  8. Super Villain, Mark Lohman
  9. Empty Head, Robin Kester
  10. Not climbing on Stage at the Belle and Sebastian Concert, Mark Lohmann
  11. Endless Tuesdays, Robin Kester and Mark Lohmann
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