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mon 20 dec 2021 22:00 hour

230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #70. Music by Off The Sky, ISAN, James Murray & Francis M Gri, Dino Spiluttini, Darren McClure, Tsone, Ian Hawgood + Stijn Hüwels, Wil Bolton, Dean Ramsay, Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid and Emiliano Romanelli.

01. Off The Sky – Bleeds Life (Corder, Jason) 6:09 CD: Fallow. Dronarivm/DR-63.

02. ISAN – Ephemeroptera (Ryan, Antony / Saville, Robin) 4:29 LP: Lamenting Machine. Morr Music/169 lp.

03. James Murray & Francis M Gri – Remote (Murray, James / Gri, Francis M) 5:36 CD: Remote Redux. Ultimae Records/inre096CD.

04. Dino Spiluttini – Body at War (Spiluttini, Dino) 6:30 LP: Heaven. Editions Mego/EMEGO266.

05. Darren McClure – In the Aisles (McClure, Darren) 3:19 DL: A Mere Fraction. Audiobulb Records/AB093.

06. Tsone – Tributaries (Obr, Tony) 5:00 3xCD: Pagan Oceans I, II, III. Home Normal/homen121/homen122/homen123.

07. Ian Hawgood + Stijn Hüwels – No Voices III (Hawgood, Ian / Hüwels, Stijn) 5:59 CD: No Voices. Home Normal/homen113.

08. Wil Bolton – Reeds (Bolton, Wil) 9:34 DL: Kochi. Audiobulb Records/AB092.

09. Dean Ramsay – Three Feet Deep and Two Miles Wide (Ramsay, Dean) 3:28 CD: The Kingdom Of The Eel. Focused Silence/FOCUSED-EEL.

10. Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid – Circulaire (Hadid, Joaquín Gutiérrez) 3:43 DL: Sûr. Line/106.

11. Emiliano Romanelli – 09 (Romanelli, Emiliano) 4:53 CD: Untitled (9 Patterns). Senufo Editions/snf07.

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