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Contemporary Music

230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #54. Music by Nacht Plank, K. Leimer, Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, Yann Novak, Ifs, Kassel Jaeger, Phon.o and Jos Smolders.

1. Nacht Plank – Citalopr_mx3. (Norris, Lee) 7:18. 13xFile: Nemmit Con. …txt/TXTPLANK1.
2. K. Leimer – Dunne Luft. (Leimer, Kerry) 3:49. LP: Mitteltöner. Origin Peoples/OP007.
3. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project – Monroeville Detrius. (Fossil Aerosol Mining Project) 4:10. LP: August 53rd. Helen Scarsdale Agency/HMS043.
4. Yann Novak – The Inertia of Time. (Novak, Yann) 9:19. CD: The Future Is Forward Escape Into The Past. Touch/TO:105.
5. Ifs – Three-Point Shot Captured in Slow Motion. (Ostrowski, Krzysztof Freeze / Wysocki, Mateusz) 3:50. 4xFile: Manifold Basketball. Crónica/127~2018.
6. Kassel Jaeger – Retroaction 4: Processed Non-Controlled Aerial Feedbacks. (Bonnet, François) 8:55. Cassette: Retroactions. Moving Furniture Records/ET01.
7. Phon.o – Snatchat Soliloquy. (Aermes, Carsten) 8:01. 3xFile: Slow As Fog. Not On Label/none.
8. Jos Smolders – Functional Neuranatomy of Human Rapid Eye Movement Sleep and Dreaming. (Smolders, Jos) 21:51. CD: Dream Sequences Volume 1 Orphax Reframed. Moving Furniture Records/MFR051.

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