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fri 20 jul 2018 18:00 
Composer: Frederic Rzewski

AMERICAN HIGHWAYS #113 KEYS of CHANGE: Composer Frederic Rzewski


Frederic Rzewski is a great composer, with an unforgivable personality. He’s one of the most difficult people I’ve ever interviewed: arrogant, complex, and irascible. Yet I have to grudgingly admit that his genius comes through, despite his personality and uncooperative grumpiness.

In this episode of American Highways, we hear the latest of the Keys of Change series – broadcasts about composers whose lives are charged with activism. The music is from Rzewski’s “People United” magnum opus, and is stunningly performed by my former student, Kai Schumacher.
– Guy Livingston


Frederic Rzewski

Frederic Rzewski


Theme Music:
Sounds About Right
Jingle for ConcertZender
Composed for CZ

Theme by Sergio Ortega, variations composed by Frederic Rzewski
Variations on “El Pueblo Unido jamas sera vencido!”
Kai Schumacher, pianist
WERGO 6730-2

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