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An Early Evening Stroll

tue 21 apr 2020 19:00 
Composer: Eduard Franck

In today’s Early Evening Stroll we highlight a composer called Franck. No, it’s not about the Belgian César, but the German Eduard Franck.

Eduard Franck was born in 1817 and he died in 1893. He was one of Mendelssohn’s apprentices and an outstanding pianist, whose oeuvre has stayed completely unknown for a long time. This was mainly his own fault, because he was a perfectionist and kept postponing the publication of his works.


Eduard Franck: Piano Quintet in D major, opus 45
Edinger Quartett
James Tocco, piano

Eduard Franck: String Quartet in E flat major, opus 54, part II
Edinger Quartett

Eduard Franck: String Quartet in C minor, opus 55, part III
Edinger Quartett.


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