An Early Evening Stroll

tue 26 may 2020 19:00 

The road to the lesser known. Today: chamber music from Franz Lachner

This is the first in a three part series about the Lachner brothers, who were all composers. We’ll start with the eldest:

Franz Lachner was born in 1803 in the Bavarian town Rain am Lech. He studied in Munich and then moved to Vienna. There he became friends with Schubert and also had contact with Beethoven. In 1834 Lachner returned to Munich where he started working as a conductor.

Lachner was a very productive composer. He composed some two hundred works in almost all musical genres. After his death in 1890, interest in his music disappeared. His conservative style went out of fashion. The fact that Richard Wagner considered him an enemy also didn’t help matters. Today his music is rarely performed and recorded.


  1. Franz Lachner: Octet, Op. 156 in B flat. Consortium Classicum led by Dieter Klöcker
  2. Franz Lachner: Sängerfahrt, Op. 33. Christoph Prégardien, tenor; Andreas Staier, fortepiano
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