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An Early Evening Stroll

tue 14 jul 2020 19:00 
Composer: Antonin Reicha

We are on our way to the less known. Today, with music of Antonin Reicha

In this episode of An Early Evening Stroll we pay attention to the Bohemian composer Antonin Reicha. Reicha was born in Prague in 1770. Later he assumed the French nationality and called himself Anton Reicha.

His uncle taught him to play the violin, transverse flute and piano, and in 1790 he was engaged as a violinist at the court chapel in Bonn. Among the violists in that orchestra played a Ludwig van Beethoven. In Bonn, Reicha also studied music theory and composition. In the year 1801, he moved to Vienna, where he became friends with Haydn and Beethoven. When the armies of Napoleon came to Vienna’s gates, Reicha left for Paris. There, he became a professor at the Conservatoire, and afterwards he became director. Franz Liszt, Charles Gounod, Hector Berlioz and César Franck were among his students.

Reicha especially became famous for his music for wind players, particularly his wind quintets. However, you will also hear other compositions in this broadcast.



  1. Antonin Reicha: 24 Trios for three horns, Op. 82, second book. Deutsche Naturhorn Solisten
  2. Antonin Reicha: Two andantes and adagio ‘Pour le Cor Anglais’. Fodor Quintet
  3. Antonin Reicha: Symphony in E-flat major, Op. 41. Cappella Coloniensis conducted by Hans-Martin Linde
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