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An Early Evening Stroll

tue 7 jun 2022 19:00 

Felix and the String Quartet: part III.

On today’s episode of ‘An Early Evening Stroll’, part III of ‘Felix and the String ¬†Quartet’. At 26, Mendelssohn is the most prominant living German composer of his time and he is extremely busy. Then he meets C√©cile Jeanrenaud, the love of his life. They marry, and during their lengthy honeymoon Felix composes one piece after another. After eight years, he also resumes composing string quartets.


Felix Mendelssohn: String Quartet in D major op. 44 no. 1

Doric String Quartet


Felix Mendelssohn: Prelude op. 35 no. 1

Javier Perianes, piano


Felix Mendelssohn: three pieces from String Quartet in E minor op. 44 no. 2

Quatuor Arod

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