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An Early Evening Stroll

tue 2 apr 2024 19:00 hrs

In today’s episode of An Early Evening Stroll we continue exploring the life of Adolph Henselt (1814-1889), a renowned pianist and composer greatly admired by his contemporaries, including Schumann. He was even the subject of envy from Liszt, who couldn’t fathom how Henselt produced such smooth and beautiful piano sounds. After studying with Hummel in Weimar, Henselt moved to Vienna, where he studied under Simon Sechter. He also fell under the spell of the waltz craze that dominated Vienna, with Johann Strauss Jr. reigning supreme. Henselt also ventured into chamber music. Please enjoy this duo for horn and piano and part of a wonderfully romantic piano trio.


Carl Maria von Weber: finale ‘Perpetuum mobile’ from Piano sonata no. 1 in C major, op. 24

Josef Lhévinne, piano


Adolph Henselt: from ‘Préambules dans tous les tons’, no. 16 in d minor, and from ‘Etudes caractéristiques op. 2 no. 1 in d minor

Daniel Grimwood, piano


Adolph Henselt: from ‘Préambules dans tous les tons’, no. 23 in d flat major and from ‘Etudes caractéristiques op. 2’ no. 2 in D flat major

Daniel Grimwood, piano


Adolph Henselt: Duo in b minor for horn and piano, op. 14

Vincent Lévesque, horn

Claudius Tanski, piano


Simon Sechter: Variation no. 39 theme by Diabelli

Jan Michiels, piano


Simon Sechter: Gute Nacht

Anne Murray, sopraan

Graham Johnson, piano


Adolph Henselt: bewerking van een wals van Johann Strauss Jr.

Sergio Gallo, piano


Adolph Henselt: openingsdeel uit Pianotrio in a kl. op. 24

Benjamin Schmid, viool

Clemens Hagen, cello

Claudius Tanski, piano

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