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An early morning stroll

Music from Weimar, part 3. Works by Johann Sebastian Bach and his cousin Johann Gottfried Walther.

1. Johann Gottfried Walther. Concerto in g minor, for trumpet and basso continuo.
Wolfgang Basche, trumpet. Doreen Oke, organ. Met Nan Mackie, viola da gamba.

2. Johann Gottfried Walther. Concerto del Signr. Vivaldi, appropriato all’organo.
Guido Dedene, organ.

3. Johann Sebastian Bach. Concerto no 9 in G Major after Vivaldi, BWV 980.
Olivier Baumont, harpsichord.

4. Johann Sebastian Bach. Organ choral ‘Jésu, meine Freude’, BWV 1105.
Kay Johannsen, organ.

5. Johann Gottfried Walther. Variations on ‘Jésu, meine Freude’.
Piet Kee, organ.

6. Johann Sebastian Bach. Fantasia super ‘Jésu, meine Freude’, BWV 713.
Bine Katrine Bryndorf, organ.

[Photo above: commemorative plaque where Bach’s house was]
[Photo beneath: Grave of Johann Gottfried Walther at the Jakobskirche, Weimar]


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