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Antiqua versus Nova

mon 4 jan 2016 12:00 

Old and New – Modern or Classic, monody – early polyphony.
In Antiqua versus Nova we focus on one specific musical change or a major transformation at a time in the history of Western European music. Episode 30 (re-run).

1. From Missa Angelis:
– Kyrie
– Sanctus
– Agnus Dei
Schola Magdalena
(SJM 006)
Christian Ritter (1645-1717)
2. O amantissime sponse Jesu
Johannette Zomer, soprano. Netherlands Bach Society conducted by Peter Harvey
(CCS SA 20804)
Herman Hollanders (ca.1595-1637)
3. Ave Maria
4. O Beatum
5. O bone Jesu
6. Te gloriosus
Capella Breda conducted by Daan Manneke
(WVH 047)
7. Sanctus
8. Gloria
9. Credo
Huelgas Ensemble conducted by Paul van Nevel
(Sony SK 53 976)
Anonymous (9th century)
10. Regi Perennis glorie – Benedicamus
11. Congaudent Catholici        
Choir of the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos conducted by Fernandez de la Cuesta
(CDM 7 636B10 2)
12. O Gracious Light
Schola Magdalena
(SJM 006)
Image: St. Cecilia, stained-glass