Antiqua versus Nova

sun 23 jul 2017 16:00 
Composer: Anoniem

Old and new, modern or classical. Monody, early polyphony. Episode 32: The Stranger, songs by the Sephardim.

Songs by the Sephardim, Jews who were chased out of Spain and ended up in Arabic and East African countries at the end of the 15th century.

Anonymous Spanish:
1. Rahelica Baila (Rachel’s Dance)
Ensemble Accentus
(Naxos 8.553617, 1995)

2. Hymnus: Spes, Christe
3. Responsorium: Credo
4. Antiphona: Habitabit
Schola Cantorum of the Ward Institute conducted by Louis Krekelberg

5. Partos Trocados
6. Yo M’enamori D’un Aire
Ensemble Accentus

7. Responsorium ‘Ave, Maria’
8. Antifoon ‘O Spectabilis Viri’
Ensemble Per-Sonat conducted by Sabine Lutzenberger

9. Si Verias
10. A La Nanna
11. Omorfoula
Ensemble Accentus conducted by Thomas Wimmer


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