Bach Ad Infinitum

mon 3 jun 2013 13:00 

Episode 76. Each workday host Joop van Zijl and producer Govert Jan Bach will plough playfully yet thoroughly through the oeuvre of the great master Johann Sebastian Bach. With the festive cantata BWV 30 and harpsichord concerts.

The festive cantata BWV 30 "Freue dich, erlöste Schar" is a parody of the worldly cantata "Angenehmes Wiederau" of 28 September 1737.
It is one of the last cantatas which we know of Bach, performed for the celebration of John the Baptist on 24 June in 1738 or 1739.
1. Cantata BWV 30 "Freue dich, erlöste Schar"
Joanne Lunn, soprano. Wilke te Brummelstroete, alto. Paul Agnew, tenor. Dietrich Henschel, bass.
The English Baroque Soloists conducted by John Eliot Gardiner
(Vol. 1, SDG 121)
2. Harpsichord concert BWV 1055
3. Concert for 4 harpsichords from Vivaldi BWV 1065
Café Zimmerman conducted by Pablo Valetti, violin
(Alpha 811)
Photo: statue of Bach in Leipzig
Hosted by: Joop van Zijl