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Bach Ad Infinitum

thu 31 oct 2013 13:00 
Genre: Baroque
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Episode 114. Each workday host Joop van Zijl and producer Govert Jan Bach will plough playfully yet thoroughly through the oeuvre of the great master Johann Sebastian Bach. The Hohe Messe, part 1.

1. Part 1 from Hohe Messe BWV 232
Lucy Crowe, Joanne Lunn, Julia Lezhneva and Blandine Staskiewicz, soprano. Nathalie Stutzmann and Terry Wey, alto. Colin Balzer and Markus Brutscher, tenor. Christian Immler and Luca Tittoto, bass. Les Musiciens du Louvre-Grenoble conducted by Marc Minkowski
(Naïve V 5145)
2. Suite For Solo Cello No. 5 in C Minor, BWV 1011: Prelude – Très vite
Nigel North, lute
(Bach on the Lute Vol 4)
Photo: Marc Minkowski
Hosted by: Joop van Zijl