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Bach Ad Infinitum

thu 9 jan 2014 13:00 
Genre: Baroque
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Episode 139. Each workday host Joop van Zijl and producer Govert Jan Bach will plough through the oeuvre of the great master Johann Sebastian Bach. The continuation of the Goldberg Variations by Murray Perahia and cantata BWV 151 for the third Christmas Day.

1. From Goldberg Variations BWV 988: variations 15 till 30 (Quodlibet) and Aria
Murray Perahia, piano
(Sony SK89243)
2. From cantata for the third Christmas Day 1725 "Süsser Trost, mein Jesus kommt" BWV 151:
– Aria "Süβer Trost, Mein Jesus Kömmt"
– Recit Basso "Erfreue Dich, Mein Herz"
– Aria "In Jesu Demut Kann Ich Trost"
Maria Keohane, soprano. Carlos Mena, tenor. Julian Prégardien, tenor. Stephan McLeod, bass. Ricercar Consort conducted by Philippe Pierlot
(Mirare MIR 243)
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Photo: Murray Perahia
Hosted by: Joop van Zijl