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fri 10 jan 2014 13:00 

Episode 140. Each workday host Joop van Zijl and producer Govert Jan Bach will plough through the oeuvre of the great master Johann Sebastian Bach. Cantate BWV 65 and piano arrangements played by Hannes Minnaar.

1. Cantata BWV 65 "Sie werden aus Saba alle kommen" (for 6 January 1724)
Ann Monoyios, soprano. Angus Davidson, alto. Charles Daniels, tenor. Peter Harvey, bass. Gabrieli Consort and Players conducted by Paul McCreesh
(ARCHIV 457 632-2)
2. Violin partita 3 in E, BWV 1006 (piano arrangement Sergei Rachmaninoff)
Hannes Minnaar, piano 
(Bachinspirations Cobra 0038)
3. Violin partita 3 in E, BWV 1006
Nathan Milstein, violin
(DGG 457703-2, 1975)
4. Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 645
5. Nun komm’ der Heiden Heiland BWV 659
6. Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g’mein BWV 734
Hannes Minnaar, piano
7. From Harp Partita, BWV 1006A (harp version): Gavotte and rondeau
Maria Graf, harp
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Photo: Hannes Minnaar
Hosted by: Joop van Zijl