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Bach Ad Infinitum

fri 19 jun 2015 13:00 hrs

A weekday programme about the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach with producer Govert Jan Bach and host Joop van Zijl.
Episode 280.

1. Two-voice Inventions 1 till 15, BWV 772-786
2. Three-voice Inventions 1 till 15, BWV 787-801
Janine Jansen, violin. Maxim Rysanov, viola. Thorleif Thedeen, cello
(Decca 475 9968)
3. From little Preludes: BWV 924, 927, 926, 925, 928 and 930
Glenn Gould, piano
(Sony Classical SM2K 52597)
Hosted: Joop van Zijl

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